Worksite, port and industrial effluent treatment

As worksite, port and industrial effluent treatment unit projects are specific and very diverse Nomado is committed to providing a customised solution.
Do you have a specific and complex issue?Nomado can provide an adapted and customised solution.
Our solutions
Customised treatment units

A concept of custom design

The solutions and equipment that we offer perfectly adjust to variations in the pollutant content of the effluent or a change in its processing load.
Flexibility is a key feature of our compact solutions that can be adapted to constraints and environments.
We design treatment systems that can accommodate a range going from 50 PE (1.25m3/h) to 5,000 PE (125m3/h). Our experts will listen to your needs and help you determine the treatment unit that best suits your project.
We can assist you each step of the way:

  • Pre-study
  • Obtaining authorizations and preparing regulatory documentation
  • Design and construction of the unit
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Operation and Maintenance

The Nomado approach

All stages of your project handled

Our design approach is based on matching discharge analyses (quality and quantity) to discharge thresholds stipulated in permits at our clients’ industrial sites.
When ensuring compliance of discharge permits, Nomado’s works as an exclusive partner alongside industrial and professional companies for:

  • Domestic or urban residual water,
  • Industrial effluent

Our treatment units are comprised of one or several treatment stages enabling specific parameters to be removed.


Effluent and obligations arising from it

Treating effluent is a regulatory requirement governed by ministerial order, prefectoral order or is subject to ICPE regulations (French Classified facilities for Environmental Protection).
This regulatory requirement is reflected in discharge permits, inspected by the DREAL (French Environment, Energy and Housing Government Department), the French Water Police, the DDT/SSTM (French County Land and Sea Departments). These entities have the both the power to issue formal notices in the event of non-compliance and allocate subsidies for investments in treatment.


Whether in France or internationally, our water treatment experts are available to help you define the treatment unit that will best suits your needs.

Tell us about your project

Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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