Treating concrete laitance at a major international worksite

Managing concrete laitance

Waste water


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Within the context of Monaco’s sea urbanisation project, our client is building a marine infrastructure that will constitute the first phase of a 6 hectare extension of the town into the sea. Comprised of protective barrier of 18 concrete chambers, the infrastructure will serve as the foundations for a new eco-district. Nomado supplied and installed a concrete laitance treatment unit in order for treated water to be discharged into the sea.

The issue faced by our client

At this site, a huge amount of concrete is used and when concrete mixer trucks, skips and pumps are cleaned, effluent is generated known as concrete laitance. This effluent is loaded with aggregates, sand, concrete and fine particles. It is therefore necessary to treat this before being discharged in the natural receiving body, in this case the sea.

The project

Working entirely with our client’s different departments, Nomado designed and constructed a customised solution for the treatment of concrete laitance at the worksite with equipment in a single compact system:

Taking delivery of concrete

in big bags


with added reagent

Settling tank

with a sludge extraction screw at the bottom

Offset rotor pump

for sludge transfer

Technical control room

including reagent storage with a retention system

To summarise, Nomado:

  • Completed design studies
  • Provided equipment in a compact system
  • Ensured compliance with regulations in Monaco
  • Carried out on-site commissioning
  • Operated the system
  • Reference standards: Article O. 224-4 of the Sea Code – legislation (Fight against pollution of Monaco’s maritime areas and marine environment). Article O. 224-5 of the Sea Code – Monaco legislation (Fight against pollution of Monaco’s maritime areas and marine environment).

    The results
    We helped our client in all project phases in order to find a solution in managing very specific effluent at a large-scale worksite.

    A regulation-complying

    wastewater treatment system

    Tightly-controlled investment

    thanks to a modular solution


    of existing equipment

    Greatly reduced

    road traffic hazards

    Tell us about your project

    Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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