About us

We believe that water treatment deserves to be more efficient, more effective and more creative.
Nomado is specialised in the design and construction of compact water treatment units.

Our solutions are integrated in sea containers or skid-mounted for:

– Drinking water and process water production
– Wastewater treatment
– Treating industrial effluent
– Managing water from worksite bungalows (drinking water and wastewater)
– Treating port effluent

Nomado’s expertise focuses on process and works in order to provide cost-effective, secure and rapidly implemented turnkey solutions to resolve our clients’ problems.

Nomado constructs compact water treatment units

Nomado handles all the phases of each project


  • Preliminary project


  • In our Marseilles workshops, our construction team’s high precision work is of very high quality.


  • Nomado teams install the systems at your site.


  • Our teams commission the units thereby ensuring that you are operational in no time.

Nomado constructs its units.

Preliminary stage


Studies, 3D models, process calculations, hydraulic calculations, PID, classification, integration into the client site, establishment of civil engineering guide plans, construction plans

Sheet metal work

Welding, waterproof testing

Paints and coatings

Specification and use of coatings adapted to fluids
Specification and use of exterior paints meeting client requirements

Specification and supply of equipment

Piping calculations, performance selection

Electrical power required for automation

Electricity calculations, wiring sheets, single line diagram of power system, operating manuals, PLC programming, control cabinets, testing platforms

Assembly, wiring

Installation of equipment, supporting equipment, piping, cable ducts

Factory trials

Calibration of sensors, waterproof testing, wire-to-wire testing, automation synchronisation, performance testing, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with the client

Transportation, logistics

Organisation of transportation by road or ship

On-site installation and assembly

Rapid and effective implementation thanks to our Plug & Play systems


Commissioning of units on site by Nomado teams


Whether in France or internationally, our water treatment experts are available to help you define the treatment unit that will best suits your needs.

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Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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