Pressure boosting unit and water treatment to supply production lines in food factories

Pressure boosting and water treatment unit

Process water






West Africa
Our client is a national multi-sector company in an African country.

Our project was related to this company’s agri-food sector. The production site where we worked mainly produces pasta and semolina. This activity requires steam production for food, as well as water for production or washing.

The issue faced by our client

Our client needed to ensure continuity in the water circulation system and its low and medium pressure steam boilers. Drinking water used on the production site contains a high proportion of particles or molecules that accelerate the accumulation of scale and corrosion in all pipes. We helped our client create a treatment unit that could be included in a building and enabling water to be filtered and purified before its use in the manufacturing process.

The project

We assisted our client throughout the entire project allowing a solution to be found which was not only innovative but also sustainable and reliable in producing process water.

Iron removal unit

Softening unit

Filtration unit

activated carbon adsorption

Pressure boosting unit

for each line

The project started by the study and analysis phase. Once the pollutants to be removed were identified, we moved onto the design phase during which a customised treatment unit was designed and adapted to both the client’s requirements and that of his production site.

The treatment process enabled:

  • Iron to be removed
  • Residual chemical treatment for long-term boiler protection
  • A decrease in water hardness thanks to softening techniques
  • A decrease in chlorine thanks to activated carbon filtration
  • All of the treatment equipment is mounted on a chassis so that it can be integrated into a 40 foot container making its shipment by boat, followed by truck, easier as well as handling once it arrives at its final destination. Lastly, we commissioned the unit and provided operational training for staff on site.

    To summarise, Nomado:

  • Completed design studies
  • Provided equipment in one compact chassis-mounted system
  • Provided a compact system
  • Ensured compliance with local regulations
  • Performed on-site commissioning
  • The results
    We helped our client in all the project’s phases in order to find a solution for his process water management problem.


    has been reduced for the industrial low and medium pressure steam boilers


    of a sustainable water circulation system


    proper functioning of the process by preventing future production stoppages

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    Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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