Preliminary studies before design

Nomado offers its expertise with studies preliminary to water treatment projects.
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As a designer, constructor and operator, our expertise and water treatment analysis skills are at your disposal for studies and feasibility assessments.

On-site or laboratory analysis

Characterizing effluents is a necessary step in determining the pollution load and volume to be treated. Our teams are qualified to carry out characterization procedures via sampling (one-off or over 24 hours) and analysis. We have our own laboratory equipment which can be transported directly on-site to test effluents. We also work with partner laboratories that are COFRAC certified (French accreditation body).


Whether aimed at finding new solutions or responding to an existing issue, our teams can :

  • Audit an existing water treatment facility, define its effectiveness and, if necessary, any refurbishment work required.
  • Increase a facility’s capacity
  • Secure an existing process
  • Optimize water resources, save water, carry out a reuse study, recover stormwater.

Pilot trials

When designing a treatment system a validation stage under actual operating conditions is sometimes required.

We have pilot equipment allowing trials to be carried out, either in our laboratory or on site.

Our solutions :

  • Pressurized filtration pilot that can be used for various applications
    (sand filtration, media filtration, activated carbon filtration, bilayer filtration).
  • Membrane pilot
    (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, low pressure reverse osmosis, high pressure reverse osmosis).
  • Physicochemical pilot
  • Customized pilot

Different sensors and instrumentation enabling the analysis and interpretation of results to which can be added laboratory analysis. Each pilot may be fitted with its own power supply in order to be self-sufficient on site.

Preparation of regulatory documents

Often a necessary step in a project, our team will be able to assist you by drawing up all necessary documents :

  • Application for authorization under the French Water Law
  • Filing under the French Water Law
  • Notification of any site/process changes to the appropriate French authorities
  • Filing or authorization for ICPE facilities (Classified facilities under the French Environmental Protection laws)
  • Declaration to the SPANC (French Non-municipal Wastewater Public Service Authorities for housing not connected to a municipal sewer system)

True partners of your project, Nomado can provide you with assistance when dealing with the relevant French authorities: DREAL (environment, land development and housing department), Police de l’Eau (water policy enforcement agency), etc.
The French legislation and organization are taken as examples. Numerous countries have systems that bear resemblance to the French system. We will gladly assist you in navigating the intricacies of your particular situation.


Whether in France or internationally, our water treatment experts are available to help you define the treatment unit that will best suits your needs.

Tell us about your project

Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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