Wastewater treatment system with a 60 population equivalent capacity for a luxury hotel surrounded by nature

60 PE wastewater treatment plant



Loire Valley Lodge




Esvres-sur-Indre – France
Our client, Loire Valley Lodges, offers lodges nestled in trees 4 meters above ground.
These lodges are scattered throughout the forest that surrounds a farmhouse.

The issue faced by our client

Located far away from urban facilities, the hotel’s facilities cannot be connected to the public wastewater system. It was therefore necessary for our client to implement a private wastewater treatment system in order to meet regulations.

Our client therefore contacted Nomado to provide a solution that was:

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Inexpensive
  • With limited environmental impact

The project

Working entirely alongside our client, we offered a simple, scalable and inexpensive solution.
Nomado constructed the equipment in a compact system:

Taking delivery of concrete

in big bags


with added reagent

Settling tank

with a sludge extraction screw at the bottom

Offset rotor pump

for sludge transfer

Technical control room

including reagent storage with a retention system

Our client retained our solution that consisted in a containerised wastewater treatment system. Installing all of the treatment equipment into a single above-ground container and its paint helped to increase its environmental friendliness and to reduce any visual nuisance. The design files were then established in view of applying for a local authority authorisation. Lastly, we installed and loaded the treatment system and trained the technical staff on site in order to ensure the system is efficiently maintained. The assistance provided to our client started with a study phase and finished with the installation of the system. This comprehensive project enabled us to respond as best as possible to the initial problem and our client to obtain a wastewater treatment system that is:

  • Compliant with regulations
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Scalable according to our client’s business
  • For which investment is controlled thanks to a modular solution
  • To summarise, Nomado:

  • Completed design studies
  • Drew up regulatory documents
  • Supplied a 1 x 36 m3/h pump
  • Provided equipment in a compact system
  • Ensured compliance with French regulations
  • Carried out on-site commissioning
  • The results
    We helped our client in all the project’s phases in order to find a solution to its wastewater management problem.

    A regulatory

    wastewater treatment system

    Tightly-controlled investment

    thanks to a modular solution


    landscape integration



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    Nomado is specialized in the design and construction of compact water treatment units. Our solutions are integrated into sea containers, skid-mounted or mounted in portable cases.


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